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Prescription Weight Loss Doctor in New York

We know the struggles that traditional weight loss programs create because we have lived them. As women, we’ve tried magazine diets, supplements, and fad workouts that lead to burnout and rebound into old habits. 

That’s why we’re here to give the medical support and guidance weight loss patients in New York need to accomplish their health goals sustainably. 

Learn how to live a longer and more fulfilling life with our science-based holistic weight loss program for New York residents.

What Sets Anzara's NY Medical Weight Loss Program Apart?

Successful weight loss requires a holistic approach tailored to your needs while prioritizing your safety. 

At Anzara Health, you’ll engage in a customized program to meet you exactly where you are on your journey. By working with us, you’ll work with a team of providers whose sole purpose is your well-being and long-term success

Our board-certified New York endocrinologists, registered dieticians, and health coaches work together to ensure you receive the necessary medical, nutritional, and behavioral interventions.

Who Will Guide and Provide My Care During My Weight Loss Program?

Your initial evaluation begins with a full endocrinologic assessment by one of our board-certified endocrinologists. 

The assessment includes a comprehensive laboratory workup that examines factors contributing to obesity/overweight and establishes any metabolic consequences caused by excess weight, allowing us to treat comorbidities, develop realistic goals, and monitor overall progress. 

You’ll also work closely with a registered dietician to learn and incorporate our dietary framework into your diet, allowing you to modify and improve your nutrition over time. 

As part of our weight loss program, you’ll also work monthly with one of Anzara Health’s health coaches to optimize your sleep, stress management, physical activity, and nutrition-related behaviors.

Does Your Weight Loss Center Use Weight Loss Medications?

Establishing any metabolic consequences caused by excess weight is vital, as it allows us to treat comorbidities, develop realistic goals, and monitor overall progress. 

Depending on factors specific to each patient and any biochemical findings we make, you may have FDA-approved medications and supplements prescribed that are certified as effective weight loss agents.

How Much Weight Can I Expect to Lose in a Prescription Weight Loss Program?

We encourage patients to commit to the program for 12 months to reap the complete therapeutic team’s benefits and allow sufficient time to observe significant progress. 

After all, we view weight loss as a medical condition that requires ongoing treatment and believe in an approach that is gentle, safe, and allows you to build upon existing and newly acquired skills to achieve sustainable and permanent change. 

We tailor our program and educate our patients to aim for a weight loss of 1-2 lbs per week and use body composition and metabolic markers as useful targets

Ultimately, the amount of weight you lose will depend on several factors.

Still, most patients who follow our recommendations find that our weight loss target is achievable, sustainable, and extremely beneficial in how they look and feel.

How Will My Diet Change During the Weight Loss Program?

We understand that people have different preferences and habits when it comes to diet. For this reason, we do not subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach regarding nutrition

Our belief is in educating our patients about the most important components of a healthy and nutritious diet to empower them to apply and continue to choose what they eat and drink. 

The mainstays of our dietary framework are high protein, high fiber, and low sugar, among others.

Both our doctors and registered dieticians work on an ongoing basis to educate and help our patients fit their lifestyle and nutritional choices into this framework. 

Patients will get lists of our top go-to foods, products, and recipes.

Is Exercise Part of a Medical Weight Loss Program?

Without a doubt! Different types of exercise are important for maintaining and promoting cardiovascular, mental, and bone health, supporting weight loss, and avoiding weight regain. 

Meeting with your doctor and health coach will teach you the type of exercise you should incorporate. You can design enjoyable activities and focus on goals compatible with your current phase of the weight loss journey.

Get the Medical Support You Need in Your Weight Loss Journey

Anzara Health is a health and wellness practice that provides actionable and evidence-based solutions for holistic well-being.

Driven by a team of healthcare professionals, Anzara can assist you on your weight loss and control journey. We create individualized plans to improve your overall health by leveraging the latest scientific knowledge.

Our telehealth practice makes setting up appointments convenient, and you can find a weight loss doctor in Miami and many other US locations. 

Commence your journey to a more active and balanced life today by scheduling an appointment. 

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